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      NTV-SThe latest intelligent touch Digital Viscometer


      The latest intelligent touch Digital Viscometer

      Technical characteristics:

      1:7 inch wide touch screen, easy to operate, rich display information 2: anti-static shell, metal lifting pole design

      3: Built-in RTD temperature probe 4: ARM chip processor, faster data processing speed

      5: Durable New Shaft Design 6: Powerful Human-Computer Interaction Interface

      7: Gigabit Ethernet port data communication transmission, transmission data fast and reliable. 8: support external U disk data storage; single point, continuous, timing three kinds of preservation options.

      9: The password protects temperature and viscosity correction coefficients, allowing users to self-correct temperature and viscosity correction coefficients on the premise of reliable and accurate data.

      10: Supporting CVT to measure viscosity, any input speed directly reflects the full range of each rotor, which is convenient for users to select test conditions.

      11: Automatic Conversion of Dynamic Viscosity and Kinematic Viscosity 12: Arbitrary Interchange of Various Viscosity Units

      13: Interchange of user interfaces with various human operation styles 14: Random and powerful operation guide help

      15: Viscosity value shows continuous change 16: Alarm sound warning beyond measurement range

      17: Computer full range linear correction 18: AC power adapter 100V-240V, good anti-interference

      Optional accessories:

      1:SNB Data Acquisition and Drawing Software 2: Special Viscosity Measurement Constant Temperature Flume

      3: super low viscosity adapter 4: small sample adapter.

      5: standard solution 6: micro printer.

      7: outer circulation glass beaker


      Ink, glue, latex, solvent-based adhesive, polymer solution, petroleum paint, paint, solvent, cosmetics, milk products, pharmaceutical juice, etc.

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